Not quite right…

Not quite right…

Shorter Freddie: I have never supported a military action in my lifetime or any other military action in the history of mankind because innocent civilians were unintentionally killed in those

Five Guys is better than In-N-Out

Over Christmas I had the pleasure of traveling to Southern California to visit my girlfriend’s family. Everyone was pleasant, the weather was (mostly) agreeable, and traffic was surprisingly light. One

Fark’s 2008 headlines of the year

Fark’s 2008 headline of the year competition has some real gems: Gerbil causes 3-car accident; article doesn’t say which gere he was in at the time “Spam King” sentenced to

What doesn’t kill Hamas makes it stronger

Benny Morris writes as follows on Israel’s predicament: To the north, the Lebanese fundamentalist organization Hezbollah, which also vows to destroy Israel and functions as an Iranian proxy, has thoroughly

Department of humorous [sic]s

I’ve warned in the past about making fun of another blogger’s misadventures with grammar/spelling, since we all blog quickly and we all make our own mistakes. But one of the

Most Ambitious Subhed Ever

From Charles Krauthammer’s longish piece in The Weekly Standard, “The Net-Zero Gas Tax”: A once-in-a-generation way to weaken OPEC, abolish absurd regulations, reduce greenhouse gases, improve our trade balance, gain



The question of how the Camp David Accords played out and whose “fault” it was that they broke down is a vexed one, vexed enough that I know not to