Spreading the Gospel

There is a certain electricity in the National Press Club Ballroom. Businessmen in tailored suits mingle comfortably with shabby college professors; think-tank pundits and corporate lobbyists are schmoozing with reporters

What Will Obama Do?

Peter Beinart thinks that, on foreign policy issues, Obama really will be what his left-wing supporters thought he would be, despite his eyebrow-raising cabinet picks: It’s precisely because Obama intends

Life after Mad Men

Before the season finale of AMC’s award-winning drama Mad Men in late October, the Associated Press ran an article wondering why, in light of its critical success and increasing cultural

Kim Strassel’s take on Hillary

Check it out: His onetime rival will also have plenty of leeway to go rogue. The State Department is traditionally hard to rein in, and Mrs. Clinton has insisted she

Well, happy holidays to you too

The experience of flying in this country has become decidedly surreal, especially during the holiday season. Usually I’m too concerned with getting to my destination to bother taking it all