Detroit: Kind of terrible

Matt Labash, long one of America’s great national treasures, has written a fantastic (and fantastically long) look at Detroit’s collapse in the latest issue of The Weekly Standard. As I

Stick to the film criticism…

In an otherwise smart and entertaining (if overly stylized) post at Pajiba on Will Smith’s latest, “Seven Pounds,” Ranylt Richildis writes: [Will Smith’s character] snoops through Treasury files, scans headlines, and

Israel rehashes bad times, Iran wins

The Israelis are launching their third straight day of air strikes into Gaza, dealing themselves what will ultimately be their second self-imposed military defeat in three years. At times like

Naomi Klein: bourgeois vixen?

I realize I’m supposed to find Naomi Klein irritating, and am probably obliged to call attention to her economic illiteracy, but what struck me when reading this recent New Yorker

Damn you, Mick Foley

How am I supposed to top this? I don’t come to wrestling rings and hit people with 2x4s, do I? I don’t jump onto tables with thumbtacks thrown all over



I see my guardian angel. She is sitting on the curb sucking bad coffee out of a hole in the lid of a paper cup. I am carrying groceries out to my car and there she is. It had been years, but of course I recognize her instantly. Still, she looks different. She hasn’t aged; I don’t know if angels do in fact age—she’ll probably look 18 forever—but she looks the worse for wear. Her eyes are sunk deep in their sockets, and she has dyed her hair black, in stark contrast to the bright, diffused light that wraps around her. She looks unhealthy; her sickly yellow skin belies her natural radiance and is pulled taut around her bones.

Drum Porn

Drum Porn

JVL embeds a video of Joe Morello that is pretty good, if a little old school for my taste, over at his joint. To which I respond: Morello ain’t got