In which I out myself as a geek

Well, I’m certainly pleased that HBO has green-lit one of my favorite series on the planet. I’ve long hoped for something like a fantasy version of The Wire: something with

Intertextual observation of the day

After I read Polansky’s eloquent post on foreign policy—and I quote: The willingness to take another state’s interests seriously is a strong hedge against moralism in our own foreign policy

Signs of the Apocalypse

I’m up early preparing for a long drive to the wilds of Pennsylvania this morning. I was drinking hot coffee while getting dressed when I heard the following story on

Why do we do this, anyway?

In a long, provocative post on Jews and dual loyalty (watch as I go right past the interesting controversial stuff and head straight for the ephemera!), Freddie remarks on how

The pinklist grows

The pinklist grows

Matt Welch highlights another casualty of the Prop. 8 blacklist (pinklist?) over at Reason’s blog. Yup, that’s the Hollywood I know: one that defends everyone’s right to their opinions, no matter what!

On Empathy in International Relations

Matt Yglesias approvingly links to a post on Steve Clemons’ blog (authored by Ben Katcher) about the need for more empathy in our approach to international relations. Katcher cites Bill