Get that man a blog!

Patrick Appel (a key member of Andrew Sullivan’s one man blog) absolutely destroys his boss’s preoccupation with the the “fake Sarah Palin pregnancy” nonsense. Give it a read if you

Bill Kristol, self-loving liberal

The great irony is that for as much as liberal Manhattanites curse Bill Kristol as they read his column over their lattes at Starbucks, he isn’t conservative in any sense

No Longer a Forgotten Continent

With wars, famines, plagues and even pirates besetting Africa, the continent desperately needs the world’s help. Although it hasn’t gotten much attention—or praise—for its efforts, the U.S. has been providing lots of help in recent years. In fact, for all its flaws, the beleaguered Bush administration deserves credit for elevating Africa to more than a foreign policy footnote.

Hitchens on Syria

Hitchens on Syria

From his Slate column today: Here are the known facts: If you are a Lebanese politician or journalist or public figure, and you criticize the role played by the government

Everybody hates their health care

Ezra has this neat little chart up, which he thinks shows that Brits are much happier with their health care system than Americans. In a way, I suppose it does.

Sears, seared into her memory

At at least one point in our lives, we’ve all been touched by the infuriating madness of a customer service fiasco. But while being on the receiving end of a



Can I just say that I hate redesigns, almost on principle? Yes, they often make websites look more presentable, but they come without warning and all at once. I need

As others see them

No matter how kooky or stupid or hateful you find someone’s religion, philosophy, or ideology, you have an obligation to at least do the leg work and present their ideas