A colleague quoted in a Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty segment succinctly describes the indirect hit the U.S. is taking as a result of the ongoing conflict in Gaza: Just two

Shadow Government

Following up on Daniel’s post, I do recommend that any and all of you go check out the Shadow Government blog over at Foreign Policy. This may be a bit


DCist has the scoop on road closures and the like. Unfortunately, I live squarely within the Forbidden Zone. I plan on spending as much time as possible at the Irish

On Fr. Neuhaus

I had been saddened to see over the Christmas break that Richard John Neuhaus, editor and founder of First Things, had taken seriously ill. Over at NRO K-Lo is reporting

Whose side is Bill Kristol on?

Bill Kristol’s latest is a typical exercise in casuistry: The huge challenge for the Obama administration is going to be Iran. If Israel had yielded to Hamas and refrained from