One reporter’s heroism

Ethan Bronner of the NYT writes: Because Israel barred foreign journalists from entering Gaza until the war ended, The New York Times relied on my Palestinian colleague here, Taghreed el-Khodary,

A Return to What?

Megan McArdle has a deft post up critiquing the Democratic rush to fiscal stimulus which is well worth your time. In a nutshell, there’s precious little evidence to suggest that

Searching for the truth in Gaza

A front page story in the WaPo describes the tragedy of the Samuni family from Gaza: At least 29 members of the Samuni family died over the next two weeks

John Updike, 1932-2009

The New York Times reports the sad news that novelist John Updike has died. News made all the sadder by the context of this last glimpse of him.

Consolidating Gains

“Russia to relocate fleet to Abkhazia” sez the FT. From Sevastopol in Ukraine, that is. So much for all the speculation people (like me) were doing about Russia’s next steps