My letter to the White House

As Mary Katharine noted, the Obama White House still hasn’t posted transcripts of spokesman Robert Gibbs’ daily press briefings. I’m equally perturbed that the White House hasn’t even been posting

Scared of Cost-Benefit Analysis?

Elana Schor at the newly relaunched TPMDC writes about an LA Times article criticizing Obama’s pick of Cass Sunstein to head up OIRA. In her summary, she makes one truly

What Latino voters want

How much of a price will Republicans pay for resisting immigration reforms of the kind advocated by George W. Bush and John McCain? For the record, I supported those reforms.

Gazing into the crystal ball

Michael Goldfarb: The Obama folks were very clever, but the value of the [campaign] website they created didn’t come from the superficial discussion of policy it offered — instead those

Boehner vs. Boehner on bipartisanship

Yesterday: MR. [DAVID] GREGORY: Well, let me stop you there, because you say that you can’t borrow and spend…Doesn’t the government have to be the spender of last resort? REP.

Stimulating something besides the economy

John Boehner: “How can you spend hundreds of millions of dollars on contraceptives? How does that stimulate the economy?” Boehner’s office explained, One proposal included in the stimulus package would

Succinct and to the point

Who doesn’t love stumbling across one or two sentence descriptions that capture something we feel to be true but can’t quite articulate? In that vein I present Ben McGrath, writing