Roger Cohen gets experienced

The year is 2009. But Roger Cohen mistakenly believes it to be 1966. After reading some Aldous Huxley and spinning the Byrds’ first album, he turns on, tunes in, and

Consolation for Jindal

In light of the kind words I had for Bobby Jindal earlier in the week, I thought I should weigh in on his response to the President’s address. It hurts

The Great Sobriety

Earlier this week I dropped in on a welcome party for Republicans in the new Congress. As a friend and I strode off the elevator at Eagle Publishing’s headquarters on

The Stash

The Stash

Noam Scheiber has a new and very much worth-reading economics blog over at The New Republic, entitled the “The Stash.” However, I must admit I was a bit disappointed upon

Booze and the written word

A funny story from an otherwise uninteresting post: For almost 50 years Elaine Kaufman has attracted writers to her restaurant as though she were giving away royalty checks. And though