The SWPLest story ever. EVER.

Here’s the hed/subhed: The Locavore’s Dilemma: What to do with the kale, turnips, and parsley that overwhelm your CSA bin. The brilliance of the subhed, as a tipster points out,

57 Posts (And Nothin’ On)

JVL takes young Ezra (as well as the rest of the young blogging corps) to task for, well, talking out of their collective ass: The entire thing seems pretty indicative

Putting Science in Its Place

Barack Obama ran his campaign as if his principal opponent were George W. Bush. Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, he has attempted to extend his misplaced rhetoric well past last November’s election.

If the Left loves it…

…it has to be good, right Chris? That elements of the Left are rediscovering their taste for state-building should come as a surprise to no one. That the Left shares

Spinal tapped

I absolutely must compliment Mr. Donadio on his reference to Spinal Tap. On a scale of ten, Spinal Tap in an eleven. At the same time, I must disagree vigorously

Giving Partisanship Its Due

You could hardly be human, American, and a consumer of television media in the loosest sense and have missed last week’s duel between the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and Mad

Faulty reasoning

Re: the Osirak Option, Matt Yglesias says: But there’s really no reason to think that unilateral airstrikes will do anything to the delay the point at which Iran has a

Take zat!

Take zat!

You’ve gotta love people who protest by reading a book (or at least buying a book or saying that they’ve read it). From the Telegraph: Mr Sarkozy, a man often