Father and Son

A lot of dumb jokes leap to mind when imagining what it might be like to be raised by George Orwell, but I found this account quite moving.

This one goes to 11

The Times has a thoroughly useless op-chart today on the states of Iraq and Afghanistan. Of particular interest is Iraq’s supposed measure of political progress at 7 on a scale

A story I will never, ever read

From the front page of Slate: Sad State: How being a governor became the toughest job in America. By Eliot Spitzer. “In fact, it was so hard I had to

Jon Stewart’s Selective Ire

You could hardly be human, American, and a consumer of television media in the loosest sense and have missed last week’s duel between the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and Mad

Turning Back the Clock

Matt gets it exactly right: A substantial swathe of policy elites, starting with Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke and George Bush and now evidently including Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers

We’re the secret ingredient!

Trailer for a brilliant new movie. Still won’t give me as many nightmares as the original, though. Gobstopper Trailer – watch more funny videos

Act first, ask questions later

I don’t really follow this, from Ezra Klein. He links to a Brad Plumer piece on cap and trade proposals leading to massive trade wars (he misleadingly titles the post

Sentences I didn’t finish

“Liberal blogger men are thrilled … ” Katha Pollitt, The Nation (I would posit that no one who views everything through a rigrorous lens of gender victimization is ever worth

Red Cross on CIA black sites

The editors of the WaPo comment on the recently revealed Red Cross report that describes US tactics at CIA-operated black sites as torture: “The allegations are familiar, yet some of