Yes, we watch Rachel Maddow

On Monday night, Maddow invited counterinsurgency expert John Nagl to discuss Afghanistan in her ‘Talk Me Down’ segment. Nagl is a retired lieutenant colonel who commanded an Army battalion in

The Jon Stewart Backlash?

Is it finally here? I’ll just say that I’m with Will, who’s with Tucker, in being annoyed by Jon Stewart: You know what? I’m just gonna say it: I’m bored

The Lonely Crowd, Revisited

Up on the main page, we’ve got a monster of an article about David Riesman’s largely forgotten masterwork of sociology, The Lonely Crowd. You hear echoes of the book every

Prepare for the Inevitable

Drezner: Pragmatically, I seriously doubt that the United States can offer anything to get Tehran to halt its nuclear program.  This leads to one of two possible decisions:  pre-emptive action

Quotation of the day

From a man who knew his business, James Matheson of Jardine, Matheson & Co. — one of the original opium runners and hence founders of Hong Kong: “The Gazelle was

Of non-interests

As dull as it may be to see agreement around this blog, I think Damir gets it largely right in his response to Christian Brose over at Foreign Policy. I’m

Of Interests

Of Interests

Christian Brose on national interests (via a critique of Zakaria’s latest): The real sticking point is how a Syria or a Russia defines some of its “interests.” Damascus’s desire to

Pig Penn

Daily Kos has a great post about Rep. Murtha’s (D-PA) campaign finance… indiscretions. His point? We have to show we are different than Republicans by refusing to tolerate any corruption