Month: March 20, 2009

Mar 20,2009

Turning Back the Clock

Matt gets it exactly right: A substantial swathe of policy elites, starting with Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke and George Bush and now evidently including Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers...

Mar 19,2009

We’re the secret ingredient!

Trailer for a brilliant new movie. Still won’t give me as many nightmares as the original, though. Gobstopper Trailer – watch more funny videos

Mar 19,2009

Act first, ask questions later

I don’t really follow this, from Ezra Klein. He links to a Brad Plumer piece on cap and trade proposals leading to massive trade wars (he misleadingly titles the post...

Mar 19,2009

Sentences I didn’t finish

“Liberal blogger men are thrilled … “ Katha Pollitt, The Nation (I would posit that no one who views everything through a rigrorous lens of gender victimization is ever worth...

Mar 18,2009

Legitimate interests (I’m with Chris Brose)

Mr. Polansky lamented that intra-blog agreement is terribly dull, so let me spice things up. It is worth asking, as David does, whether it is possible for a superpower to...

Mar 18,2009

Red Cross on CIA black sites

The editors of the WaPo comment on the recently revealed Red Cross report that describes US tactics at CIA-operated black sites as torture: “The allegations are familiar, yet some of...