The Brokest Generation

Mark Steyn hits a four-bagger: …as politicians like to say, it’s about “the future of all our children.” And the future of all our children is that they’ll be paying

Mormons are not buggers

Orson Scott Card, science fiction writer and practicing Mormon, has a sensible article in the National Review on how Mormons should react to the reaction to the Mormon reaction to



The Leader (Alex) We’re in a new hidey-hole, and as usual we’ve lost half a dozen things we really need: toothpaste, butter, even coffee. And now half asleep, feeling like

David Foster Wallace

I read this harrowing New Yorker piece on the life and death of writer David Foster Wallace with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. The article has

Congrats to Ross

Ross Douthat, as we all know by now, has been chosen to take up residence on the op-ed pages of the New York Times. This is excellent news: Ross is