Like looking into a mirror…

I realized I was a terrible person the day that Stephen King was hit by a van. Because my first thought was “Oh, no! Who’s going to finish the Dark

Seriously, people

You don’t have the swine flu. Even if you did, you’ll probably survive. And by “probably” I mean “certainly.” It hasn’t killed any Americans yet. It will kill a handfull,

Flagrant disregard for the rules

John Schwenkler and I vigorously disagree on certain important topics. But we can both agree that Rajon Rondo’s foul against Brad Miller was flagrant, should have been punished as such

Another health care followup

I was curious as to why there was so much chatter over that health care post; it appears that one of the folks over at Panagon picked it up. They

More torture blogging

Jim Manzi asks an awfully provocative question — even more so if you actually read his post (which many of his commenters seemed not to have). Every time I try

Defending the SATs

The cover story of this week’s Weekly Standard is a fantastic piece by Andrew Ferguson on the evolution of the SAT and how reactions to it (and its precusors) reflect

An idle thought…

What if Barack Obama has been all “forgive and forget” on enhanced interrogations because he knew what the CIA and others were doing all along? He was, after all, on