The Moustache speaks

Imagine if Thomas Friedman, overwhelmed by the tabloid travails of such celebrities as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, wrote the following lines: It is the age of the madwoman. The

The Fashion Weapon

Lisa Ann does not approve of Sarah Palin’s sex appeal. Asked about the Alaska governor’s looks in March, she told the New Haven Advocate: “It’s a distraction from politics. I

Adventures in counterintuitivity

Or is it counterintuitiveness? Anyway, here’s a headline from Slate that would be shocking if, well, it wasn’t at Slate: “Was Limp Bizkit Really That Bad? Why the most hated

Millionaires are bad people

Will Wilkinson reminds me of a particularly egregious bit of stupidity from Matt Yglesias last week: It’s possible, of course, that Vikram Pandit really does find being a bank executive

Curbing the pirate menace

Over at the Plank, Michelle Cottle asks: But even if you don’t want a pirate sighting to result in the captain’s handing out Kalashnikovs to every able-bodied sailor on board,



Some years ago, after the release of the original The Fast and the Furious, a few members of the idiocracy discovered that the distance between two traffic lights on a

Art imitating life

I’m pretty willing to give actors and musicians the benefit of the doubt in situations like this one: Put yourself in his shoes: it’s an early morning show, he’s been

Israel must stop building settlements

That is certainly the conventional wisdom. Elliott Abrams dissents. For him, anti-settlement advocacy is a distraction. Abrams writes that the expansion of the Israeli settler population basically entails population growth