Affirmative action in sports

I like Kevin Blackistone, the ESPN talking head/AOL sports writer. He’s typically one of the calmer voices on the abomination that is Around the Horn and he usually has something

Thomas Hobbes on Bill Clinton

“For it is a great misfortune to a people, to come under the government of such a one, as knows not how to govern himself.” Thomas Hobbes, “Discourse upon the

Cossacks on Wall Street

I long ago accepted that the Wall Street Journal oped page took a Lear jet to Bizarro World, but this contribution on the possible rise of antisemitism in the wake

The Folly of Sin Taxation

Powered by governments and self-satisfied members of the public, a trend has formed around dissuading people from unhealthy lifestyles. The strategies include gouging the public with new taxes and spending

Forehead-smackingly stupid

The guys over at KSK do a fine job of FJMing Peter King every week. But this, about last night’s NCAA championship game, was too stupid to ignore: g. My

Neocons: they’re not killers

My friend Chris Brose and our own Mr. Adesnik use the occasion of the recent Foreign Policy Initiative conference to inform us that if you invite neoconservatives over to your

Ward Churchill beats the system

Or something. Freddie hails a Denver jury’s decision that Ward Churchill was wrongly fired from his job at the University of Colorado. I’d like to leave aside the idea that