The Hipster Health Care Revolution

Dr. Jay Parkinson might seem like your typical young Brooklynite–he’s on Twitter, voted for Obama, dabbles in photography, and attends the SXSW music festival. But he’s also heading up what

The Sex Vote

These days, one is hard-pressed not to sound like an idiot when talking about sex and what Anthony Trollope called “The Way We Live Now”—especially if one wants to be

Toward a Bioethics of Love

My sister’s genetic disorder is too unusual to have a name. If it seems like the person I’m talking to won’t understand a medical description—grand mal seizures, nonverbal, severe-to-profound mental

Soviet Snark

Here’s how it goes in David Denby’s short book, Snark. First, he’ll note a snarky remark he’s preserved for your consideration. It’s mean, low-down, and colored by the crudest feelings

The New Dominion Blues

“I certainly agree that Northern Virginia has gone more Democratic,” John McCain’s campaign aide Nancy Pfotenhauer said on MSNBC in mid-October 2008. But, she continued, Virginia was going to vote

Lonegan’s Charge

Steve Lonegan, the firebrand former mayor of Bogota, N.J., and current dark-horse gubernatorial candidate, is waiting in “the vault.” When he first suggested this as the location for our interview,