Worst. Movie. Ever.

How often do you see a review that begins like this? It’s hard to know where — and with whom — to begin when assessing the depraved, worthless piece of

The Friedman unit

You really can find anything on Wikipedia: The Friedman, or Friedman Unit (F.U.), is a tongue-in-cheek neologism coined by blogger Atrios (Duncan Black) on May 21, 2006. A Friedman is

Welcome to Gates-gate

When I first saw the headlines about Gates being arrested, I thought to myself, “How in the world did the Secretary of Defense get arrested?” No, not that Gates. Henry

Abu Muqawama, back from Afghanistan

Counterinsurgency blogger Andrew Exum, aka Abu Muqawama, is back from Afghanistan. Andrew explains: I was asked by General McChrystal to be part of a small team of scholars and practitioners

The generals of ’76

The Wall Street Journal has a very good profile today of the West Point Class of 1976, whose graduates include Ray Odierno, our commander in Iraq, and Stanley McChrystal, our