Summer cocktails

Rod points out that the NY Times has published its summer drinks issue; Rod shares his own favorite beverage (which sounds pretty interesting; I might have to incorporate the habanero

High taxes drain talent

Matt Yglesias points out that because Florida has no income tax NBA superstars might be more inclined to play for Miami than the New York Knicks, because NYC has massive

A little context on Honduras

Chris Caldwell has an absolutely fantastic piece on Honduras this week in the pages of The Weekly Standard. In it, he provides a little background often missing from the discussions:

The Chi-Coms have taken over The Onion!

Featured headlines: American Children Like Me Are Lazy and Insolent and Must Try Harder. Clear American Sky A Constant Reminder Of Industrial Inferiority. Yao Ming! Damn you, publisher T. Herman

Why did people hate STP?

Having grown up in the 90s, I’ve listened to a fair amount of the Stone Temple Pilots. They were a mainstay on DC 101, WHFS, and other DC-area stations. I

What’s the point?

Megan McArdle asks why a generation grew up yearning to explore the solar system and gave up on that dream. I’m kind of sympathetic — I grew up reading Robert

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

This would’ve been much bigger news if not for the Sotomayor hearings — Kevin Drum notices that moderate Senate Democrats have excised the card-check provision from the Employee Free Choice