Multiple cheers for polygamy!

My cultural intake the past couple of weeks has provided me with a strong dose of polygamy. Courtesy of Netflix, I am about to finish season two of Big Love,

A tsunami in Japanese politics

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has dominated Japan for more than fifty years. In that time, the opposition provided one prime minister, who held office for less than a year.

Gay rights and the American elite

The cover story in the current issue of the Yale Alumni Magazine recounts the remarkable progress toward equality and acceptance that gay students have made at Yale over the past

Joe Klein = The Worst

Fantastic bit from the good folks at KSK: I love warm weather, even when it slouches toward humidity. I detest the harsh, slightly metallic quality of the air forced through



Hillary Clinton gave her first big speech today as Secretary of State. To be fair, every politician fills his or her orations with an impressive array of insubstantial platitudes. But