And yet, she has two book deals

Julie Powell, the bloggy half of Julie and Julia, has penned a piece over at XX. It is, how do you say, awful? Yes, awful. That’s the word. The concept

The only thing worse…

… than Woodstock nostalgia is Kennedy nostalgia. RIP to Ted and all that — he was a very effective senator for the things he believed in who leaves behind a

Happy Blogiversary, Kevin!

It’s been seven years now that Kevin Drum’s been blogging. His story says something great about the blogosphere. Some of the early bloggers were grad students in their pajamas. (Why

Get paid to vote against Obamacare

If it doesn’t include a public option. Kevin points out that Blue America has raised almost $200,000 to distribute to Dems who pledge to vote against any reform bill without

New ideas on healthcare reform

Well, they’re not exactly new ideas. They’re new to me. More importantly, they’re ideas that didn’t seem to make the cut for either Democratic or Republican talking points. Which doesn’t