“Taliban Now Winning”

It was certainly quite a jolt to pick up my Wall Street Journal and see this big headline smack in the middle of Page One: Taliban Now Winning. The article

Oh, I’m just an idiot!

(Yes, I expect to see that hed quoted out of context at some point in the future.) Over at Reason, the always-sensible Michael Moynihan points to Shepard Fairey’s reaction to

Hermits and Harlots

“Women and fiction,” Virginia Woolf wrote in 1929, “remain, so far as I am concerned, unsolved problems.” Eighty years later, women and fiction no longer seem so problematic. Indeed, they

At the Gates of the Fourth Estate

On a pleasant evening in March, dozens of tanned, well-coiffed conservatives mingled outdoors at a posh Beverly Hills hotel. The open bar served organic beer, top shelf cocktails, and mineral

Learning for a Living

Frankford High School is in a rough neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia. Forty percent of its students drop out before making it to their senior year. Its test scores are low,

Whither Realism?

Whither Realism?

Is compromise possible between realists and neoconservatives? Are the ideas that animate realism and neoconservatism fundamentally incompatible? A look at the intellectual foundations of our nation’s foreign policy.

What most annoys about bikers

Ryan Avent writes: I certainly struggle to understand a pedestrian getting indignant about a cyclist’s law-flouting — running red lights and stop signs and such. This is just how things

Political discourse

There’s been some back and forth in the comments of this (surprisingly popular) post about the double standards liberal media outlets bring when they try to police political discourse. I

That wi-fi isn’t free, you know

Apparently, NYC coffee shops are cutting down on people camping out with a laptop and hogging table space that could be used by paying customers. One such “customer” complains today