Good capitalism vs. bad capitalism

I consider myself a fine, upstanding capitalist. Profit is good! But I also think that the key reason capitalism is better than socialism is that the people making a profit

Neocons running the NY Times?

Recently, the Weekly Standard mocked the NY Times for confessing to no fewer than seven factual errors in its remembrance of Walter Cronkite. Then yesterday, the Times’ Public Editor, Clark

The Department of Double Standards

Crude, ridiculous and off-point caricature of George W. Bush as Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker: High art! Crude, ridiculous and off-point caricature of Obama as Heath Ledger’s version of

Obama, Burma and Indonesia

Via the always thoughtful Dan Twining: Last Friday, Indonesia’s electoral commission certified the winner of the country’s recent presidential election, a free and fair contest that demonstrated the strength of

What Obama secretly believes

James Kirchick has a very interesting article in the Sunday Post. Since declaring himself as a candidate for President, Barack Obama has consistently stated that he opposes gay marriage. Yet

Speaking of non-controversial people…

As noted below, the WaPo described President Obama’s candidates for the Presidential Medal of Freedom as not “particularly controversial”. Aside from the points MK raised about Ted Kennedy, it’s worth

Palin: Anatomy of the divorce rumor

The Orlando Sentinel reports on an Alaska blog’s claim that Sarah Palin is getting a divorce: The No. 1 search term in Google right now is “sarah palin divorce.” The