Police “brutality”

I’m always amused at what the nuttier portions of the left define as “brutality.” Take this video, for instance, which was posted over at Feministing. I’m having a little trouble

“The Unit”

“The Unit”

I find CBS’s “The Unit” to be one of the more interesting post-9/11 cultural artifacts. Created by Shawn Ryan (who also created “The Shield,” arguably the best television series of

Hear me now and believe me later!

[Post bumped and updated] Tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at 6:30pm, I’ll be part of a panel discussion on the topic of “Afghanistan: Should We Stay Or Should We Go?” Details here.

Counterterrorism vs. Counterinsurgency

Can you put that in layman’s terms? Which one has a better chance of working? Option 1: Counterterrorism. Robert Pape: Fortunately, the United States does not need to station large

Taliban [heart] Al Qaeda?

What is the relationship between the Taliban and Al Qaeda? If the Taliban take control, will there be an open door for Al Qaeda? Option 1: Absolutely. Bruce Riedel (interviewed

“Af-Pak” or different wars?

Pakistan has Al Qaeda and nuclear weapons. Isn’t Afghanistan just a sideshow? Option 1: Yes, Pakistan is what really matters. Newsweek: Joe Biden had a question. During a long Sunday

The graveyard of empires?

Look what happened to the Soviets. Isn’t the lesson clear? Option 1: Clear as crystal. Russ Feingold: We also ignore the lessons of history by pursuing a drawn-out military mission

A scuzzy campaign

A scuzzy campaign

I haven’t paid too much attention to the NY-23 House Race. But the Scozzafava campaign has managed to pique my interest this week by trashing a good friend of mine

Is the Karzai government hopeless?

All sides agree that counterinsurgency cannot be successful if there is no partner for us to work with. Do we have one in Afghanistan? Option 1: Are you serious? George