What does it mean to be non-partisan?

I just sent off a post to a listserv discussion about J Street and AIPAC.   After one AIPAC member described the organization as non-partisan, a critic shot back that AIPAC

Detroit: Totally screwed

Interesting dispatch from Detroit over at the Corner: Detroit — In a scene reminiscent of Great Depression riots, Detroit’s Cobo Center — the city’s major convention center, in the downtown

Used car salesman and pundit?

He is the demented comedian who gave us Uncle Sugar. He also analyzes public policy in his role as associate director of the Regulatory Studies Program at George Mason University.

Let’s make a deal

I’ll stop using “Hollywood” as a blanket term that tars all those who live there as residents of a seedy den of iniquity if you stop using “Washington DC” as

Reading Bob Gates’ mind

Everyone wants to know what he’s thinking. If Gates says no more troops for Afghanistan, Obama can say “Why send more troops if George Bush’s secretary of defense says they’re

Is McChrystal out of line?

Mike O’Hanlon says no. Eugene Robinson says, The men with the stars on their shoulders — and I say this with enormous respect for their patriotism and service — need

Obama’s misleading scare tactics

Last month, I gave the President a hard time for denouncing GOP scare tactics, while relying on his scary stories to build support for his healthcare plan. On Monday, ABC’s

Carl Levin’s Afghan flip-flop

Goldfarb has the goods. Four-and-a-half months ago, Chairman Carl Levin and eight other Democratic members of the Senate Armed Services Committee signed a letter to President Obama that began We

Brooks declares war on talk radio

David Brooks’ column this morning is a guns-blazing assault on Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and the rest of the conservative talk radio-sphere. As Pete noted earlier, Brooks also