Three cheers for Michael Moore!

Moore has penned an open letter to President Obama, begging him not to send more troops to Afghanistan. And just in time — with all the talk about Lou Dobbs

Podcasts! Get yer podcasts!

I participated in a podcast about the golden age of television (i.e., the ’00s) early last week with Will and Freddie from the League; I now present it to you

HOPE for Afghanistan?

Kagan & Kristol: Some conservatives are arguing that President Obama’s weakness and indecision forecast American failure–and that, if we’re going to fail, we should just get out now… Some Republicans

Not a parody

Not a parody

So, apparently the dude who killed four cops this weekend was granted clemency by Mike Huckabee for a crime he had committed when he was 17 despite the fact that he had

How cool is Bruce Springsteen?

If you’re David Brooks, you get paid to tell an audience of millions about the Springsteen albums you listened to as a teenager. And it still turns out to be

Even the NY Times is beating up on Obama

In case you missed this editorial on the Arab-Israeli peace process, condescending titled “Diplomacy 101”: The president’s promising peace initiative has unraveled… The Israelis have refused to stop all building.

The Mayor of Wasilla

I told you I was Going Rogue and going to write about it. The story of Sarah Palin’s political life begins in Wasilla. Last fall, adversaries mocked her as a

Abu Muqawama quits daily blogging

Andrew Exum, aka Abu Muqawama, has announced that he will be dramatically scaling back his blogging. Exum is a very serious analyst of military issues and his daily presence will

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

I have no real opinion on Jon Stewart other than that I think he’s occasionally funny but more often than not kind of tiresome. This is in large part because I’m