Even the liberal New Republic…

…publishes enough cliche tripe polemics [UPDATE: The original word was less than civil] to justify the adjective “liberal”. Now, it is certainly true that TNR generates enough heresy to justify

In defense of the fistfight

I’m still sorting through almost 1,000 blog posts, so it might be a few hours before I weigh in on the pressing issues of the day: Iran, airplane terrorism, the

Obama vs. Petraeus on nation-building

Barack Obama, December 1: There are those who oppose identifying a time frame for our transition to Afghan responsibility. Indeed, some call for a more dramatic and open-ended escalation of



I’m about as big of an apologist for the police as you’re going to find. I thought the “don’t taze me bro” kid had it coming and I have no

How did we get here?

Essential post from Peter Suderman about how we ended up in a place where the left was attacking health care on the same terms as the right: So now we’re

Bah, humbug

Bah, humbug

Jesuit James Martin has had it up to here with our commercialized Christmas: “Magic” is another popular word on Madison Avenue: Pier One’s catalog says, “Make Christmas Magic!” Sadly, all

The geopolitics of nonsense

This holiday season, my wife indulged one of my lowbrow habits by gifting me with a 3-DVD collection of pro-wrestling highlights from the 1980s, entitled The Best of Saturday Night’s