A fine day for global warming

It’s a snow day here in the nation’s capital, with most folks still digging out from under the foot and a half of snow that fell on Saturday. Wouldn’t the

On an Islamic Civil War

This is what happens when you give someone like Tom Friedman a column: He writes something that is either indecipherably stupid or a call for hundreds of thousands of people

Getting hotter in 2010?

Kevin Drum writes that the return of El Nino may make 2010 the hottest year on record, taking some wind out of the sails of George Will and others who

Arianna Huffington, GOP agent

It can be a lot of fun to watch the far left attack the left. There was a great moment on ABC yesterday morning when Huffington accused John Podesta of

The Celebrity Defense

As I mentioned in the comments of Mr. Adesnik’s post about Roman Polanski, the New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin has an excellent rundown of the facts of the case as they

Glass houses, stones, etc.

A truly priceless moment of self-parody from Andrew Sullivan, in which he criticizes Matt Continetti for having the temerity to defend Sarah Palin from her critics: Continetti: so much promise.

Digital culture

Digital culture

Rod has a post up today about the joys of books and the emptiness in our lives that the Kindle and devices like it portend: This week, packing all those