Will at the League points to this op-ed (titled “The West is Choked by Fear”) in Der Spiegel. He highlights an excellent passage, but I like this one a little

Alito's Partisanship

Let me see if I understand Andrew correctly: President Obama engages in an unprecedented attack on the judiciary, botches the facts of the case at hand (or willfully distorts them

Must-watch videos of the day

Andrew Breitbart takes it to David Shuster over ACORN, James O’Keefe and MSNBC’s general bias. As an aside, let me throw out there that Shuster’s the worst: At least Olbermann

John Edwards: The People's Senator

Via JVL, I see that Andrew Young — you might remember him from such political scandals as “I fathered Rielle Hunter’s baby, not my boss the presidential hopeful” — has

Obama: The sky is falling!

A few days ago, I took issue with my esteemed co-blogger for describing objections to the Citizens United ruling as unfathomable. Now let me turn around and challenge the rhetorical

The Press Was Met

The Press Was Met

Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett met with direct resistance from David Gregory when she claimed that the president had turned the economy around: Let’s, let’s just remember where we were a

"U.N. Me" hits the road

There was a very interesting piece over at Big Hollywood about film festival life by Ami Horowitz, the director of U.N. Me, which is a documentary about the “incompetence and

Wow, that was dumb

I’ll second Megan McArdle’s thoughts on James O’Keefe’s arrest for trying to bug the office of a Senator and taping it on his cell phone camera: James O’Keefe, the guy