A spending freeze, eh?

So, I think that we have to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt on this whole “spending freeze” gambit. Perhaps he legitimately does want to save his party’s

Stanley Kubrick over the years

That great Stanley Kubrick conspiracy theory stirred up a few old arguments I’ve had with people about the great director, arguments that are too complicated to settle in 140 characters

A little more on Citizens United

My esteemed coblogger Mr. Adesnik takes issue with my description of opposition to the ruling as “unfathomable.” I have to say, the quotes he pulls from Kevin Drum, along with

Marvin Harrison Was Asking for Trouble

I finally got a chance to read Jason Fagone’s piece on Marvin Harrison in GQ. It’s quite excellent, full of new facts that may lead to Harrison’s eventual arrest. Harrison,

Yglesias on liberal condescension

Matt Yglesias on Ben Bernanke: I note that liberals, in their condescension toward conservatives, sometimes wind up tying themselves into knots about guys like Bernanke. Bernanke is very smart and

Obama will win in 2012

I’ll do my best to falsify that prediction, but I think it’s still the most likely outcome. I made this point two months ago. But in light of Scott Brown’s

A sensible case against Citizens United

Sonny noted earlier that he literally cannot fathom objections to a Supreme Court ruling that strikes down restraints on freedom of speech. I’m no constitutional scholar, but let me try