Obama: I am Scott Brown

How exactly? Did the President also pose au naturel to pay his way through law school? No, the similarity is political. In his interview Thursday with ABC, Obama explained, The

Review: "The Tooth Fairy"

Why hasn’t The Rock evolved into a bigger movie star? Dwayne Johnson has a surfeit of charisma and the body builder looks of a younger Schwarzenegger or Stallone that makes

"Legion" mini-review

Now look: I love B-movies as much as the next guy. Silly action flicks are fun! Combine some skill behind the camera with an interesting premise and you’ve got my

Citizens United

Citizens United

I haven’t blogged at all about the Citizens United ruling because I literally cannot fathom people defending a law that bans groups of people who have banded together from uttering

The New Yorker on Neil Gaiman

For some reason I’m kind of fascinated by Neil Gaiman. I can’t really point to why — I was never a fan of Sandman and only relatively recently read Good

Liberal Dems: Where's our spine?

Congressional Democrats are abandoning ObamaCare like passengers on a sinking Titanic. Liberal writers are deeply ashamed. Kevin Drum writes: I and my readers are mostly the sober, pragmatic sorts. Willing

Hedging bets

Hedging bets

Over at the Atlantic, Megan McArdle writes: And even if I thought those numbers were about right, it might make sense as a way to hedge my net psychic wealth.