Why Coakley might win

Remember the New Hampshire primary in 2008? All the polls had Obama as a lock, but Hillary won anyhow, saving her candidacy from an early defeat. I ate some crow

Brown-Coakley: Pre-emptive spin

The polls close in around an hour. Assume Scott Brown wins. The spin from both sides should be pretty simple. GOP — This was a referendum on Obama. Dems —

Coakley or Brown?

Coakley or Brown?

I was going to write up a blog post pithily summarizing the myriad gaffes of Martha Coakley and offering up my guess as to who will win, but it seems

MLK would've protested against Obama

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation, on ABC: If Martin Luther King, Jr., were alive, he would march on this White House because he would say, “Don’t escalate the

OK, not all lists are great

So, no sooner do I praise lists than Ben Shapiro writes the single stupidest list I’ve ever seen that fully validates all of the criticisms levied against the practice by

But people like lists!

Via Andrew, I saw Mark Athiakis’ riff against lists. A taste: Lists are lazy criticism. The person making the list is rarely inclined (or given the opportunity) to expound at

My letter from Bill Clinton

Political fund-raisers are always a great target for blog posts. Most of my political mail is from conservatives, but I still get some liberal envelopes, possibly because of my subscription

Egypt arrests bloggers

Their crime? Supporting Christian-Muslim solidarity in the aftermath of religious violence. POMED (PDF) reports: The group arrested in Egypt, which includes prominent Coptic Christian and Muslim activists and bloggers, had

The fantasy of non-partisan politics

Pete Abel is a moderate. But earlier this week, he decided he was going to switch his registration from Independent to Democrat because he’s sick and tired of partisan politics.