The two types of terrorism

In one way, I agree with all of the people who have clamored to label Joe Stack a terrorist. He did, after all, commit murder with the intent of spreading

Matt Labash on Haiti

What, you thought just because the week of Labash had passed I was going to stop shilling for him? Obviously you don’t know me. I promise not to hock his

The next great bubble: Carbon Trading!

Via The Corner I saw this Telegraph blog post: And here’s the great thing about it. Unlike traditional commodities markets, which will eventually involve delivery to someone in physical form,

Piracy isn't criminal, huh?

Tell that to Robert Henderson: His plan was to use that recording to sell DVDs, but he was apprehended as part of an MPAA investigation. We’ve now learned (via The

The “outrageous” left

Yes, folks, it’s that time again. Another fundraising letter arrived in the mail and I’m going to quote some of its hyper-partisan excess for the purpose of general amusement. Since

Mullah Baradar: The confusion grows

US and Pakistani agents captured the Taliban #2 in the southern port of Karachi, far from the Afghan border. We know that much, but we don’t know the real story.

'Shutter Island' review

The first trailer for Shutter Island was something of a head-turner: “Wait a second … that looks an awful lot like Martin Scorsese has made a horror film.” And indeed