Top political movies

My one-time colleague and all-time Hoya superfan Chris Cillizza, a/k/a Washington Post‘s “The Fix,” recently asked for readers to submit their favorite political movies of all time. Instead of commenting,

Gilbert Arenas, cont.

If I can channel my inner Nikki Finke for a moment: TOLDJA! But when Agent Zero returns to the NBA, Washington team president Ernie Grunfeld expects it to be with

RIP Arnold Beichman

RIP Arnold Beichman

I didn’t know Arnold Beichman — he was talked about in the Weekly Standard offices with an odd mixture of awe and good humor — but I did know his

Skulduggery?, ctd

Skulduggery?, ctd

Alan Dershowitz provides a thoughtful analysis of the legal issues involved in the case of the Hamas leader who appears to have been executed by a team of Israeli commandos.

We Are the World redux

There’s a great piece by JVL in the latest issue of The Weekly Standard that gets to the heart of just why celebrity singalongs are oh-so-pointless: Between “We Are the

Corporate Millions for Black Caucus

In a recent front-page story, the NY Times exposed how corporations have worked around campaign finance laws to send tens of millions of dollars to influential Democrats on the Hill: