Huh, interesting…

Huh, interesting…

I meant to post a wholehearted agreement with Spencer Ackerman’s take on journalists using “interesting” in a story, but forgot until Andrew referred to it. So yes: A journalist using

Remix culture

Remix culture

I’d be curious to know what Julian Sanchez — the author of this post and this clip on the evolution of remix as it relates to culture — makes of

The uninsured and mortality rates

Over at the Standard’s blog I have a post up linking to Megan McArdle’s recent column about the impact on mortality rates of health insurance. McArdle’s basic point is that

Liberal Condescension, cont.

It’s funny how when someone points something out you see it pop up over and over again. Take Gerard Alexander’s piece on liberal condescension, for example: After reading it in

Schindler's List and HBO

Last night I was flipping through the channels on my TV and I noticed that one of the HBOs was showing Schindler’s List, Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece about the plight of

Afghanistan: Gorbachev's delusional history

William linked earlier to a Gorbachev op-ed, available in translation from Based on the lessons of the Soviet experience, Gorbachev recommends a political settlement and withdrawal of troops. And