The Week of Labash continues

I’m going to keep posting these until someone writes in the comments that they’ve purchased a copy of Matt Labash’s Fly Fishing with Darth Vader. So, you know, you better

8 Questions with Matt Labash

I’ve sung Matt Labash’s praises on this site many times before; if you’re not yet familiar with the man, I don’t know what to tell you. David Brooks has written

Dreams from my mother

We’re snowed in here in Washington DC. The government will shut down tomorrow for a second consecutive day. Tomorrow night, we’re expecting another storm. One of the nice things about

Snow days are evil

Snow days are evil

Not completely evil. I dialed in to a two-hour conference call from home, which meant I could visit the refrigerator at lunchtime instead of waiting until the call ended to's Super Bowl spot

I have some thoughts on the Super Bowl spot by over at the Weekly Standard‘s blog. And yes, this post is just a way of saying that I’ll be

A few final thoughts on copyright

Blog posts on copyright always kick up controversy: Thieves hate to be called out on their behavior, and there are entire hordes of people on the Internet dedicated to breaking

The Week of Matt Labash Begins

In addition to my upcoming chat with Matt Labash, I plan on bringing you notice of the positive reviews of Fly Fishing with Darth Vader and other little tidbits. Today,

What good are the Democrats?

That’s the question in big, bold letters on the cover the new New Republic. What TNR’s editors mean by that is what a lot of liberal writers have been saying