Welfare reform for hipsters

When did Baltimore turn from a haven for drug dealers into a haven for hipsters on food stamps? The two friends weren’t tabulating the cash in their wallets but what

Should I get a life?

Kevin Drum, on deem and pass: If you have a life, you don’t care about the subject of this post and have never heard of it. Damn it. I heard

David Brooks, drama queen?

You wouldn’t expect it from such a moderate guy, but consider this, from Meet The Press: MR. [TOM] BROKAW: Let’s begin with you, if we can, David. There are lots

Tom Hanks and "The Pacific"

The first episode of HBO’s sequel to Band of Brothers, The Pacific, premiered last night. It was pretty solid, though a little slow in the offing. If it’s half as

Ah, there's the real Rielle!

I’m glad I never wrote anything about how Rielle Hunter was being a stand-up gal by saying nothing during the recent Edwards debacle. Because, hey, look: She’s talking to GQ!

Ulysses S. Grant, new Founding Father?

Are liberals and conservatives coming together to add President Grant to our pantheon of heroes? This morning, Princeton historian Sean Wilentz argues in the Times, Although slandered since his death,

Another Hugo Chavez terrorist link

From the Times: An indictment this month from one of Spain’s top judges assert[s] that Venezuelan intelligence officials were involved in training Basque separatists and Colombian guerrillas in Venezuela… Judge