Rove's revisionism on Iraq

Peter Feaver has a very interesting post up about the assertion in Karl Rove’s new book that “if the administration had known the true extent of Iraq’s WMD stockpile and

Sigh. Remix Culture!

So, someone has created a remix of the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” video using clips from Battlestar Galactica, the Sci-Fi Channel TV series. It’s here. Give it a view. It’s quite

Green Zone mini-review

One wonders just how The Paul Greengrass Experience can be improved upon. For the last half-decade — from United 93 through The Bourne Ultimatum/Supremacy— Greengrass has developed a very specific

The Davis Cup in trouble?

A recent post over at the Fan House asked if the Davis Cup — tennis’s annual tournament that stretches on for nine months out of the year and pits teams

Another day in paradise

I mean that literally, unlike Phil Collins’ song about the plight of the homeless. I spent the past few days in Anse Marcel (photo above) on the Caribbean island of

Same as it ever was…

Hollywood redundancies will keep the film rudimentary and lacking in social, philosophic and aesthetic meaning. A new mind is needed to work upon the rudiments and extend them. Hollywood will

Sandra Bullock?  Best actress?  Seriously?

Sonny predicted she would win, calling it a “kind of lifetime achievement award”. Yet looking over Bullock’s filmography, I find it somewhat hard to identify the achievements. That said, Bullock