Like something out of "The Wire"

Via Will at the League, I see this great, rousing story about a neighborhood in Detroit trying to defend itself from criminals: Some hire middle-school kids as drug couriers, training

Liberal Fascism! Dig it!

Sean Penn, on journalists who describe Hugo Chavez as a “dictator“: Because every day, this elected leader [Hugo Chavez] is called a dictator here, and we just accept it. And

Mo'Nique and "politics"

There seems to be some confusion over what Mo’Nique meant last night in her acceptance speech for best supporting actress. During the speech, she said something about the work being

“Fundamental” “Rights”

One of the reasons I always look askance when someone describes a policy position in terms of fundamental rights is this ridiculous story and others like it: The poll, which

Oscar predictions!

I’m late with these because I’ve been incredibly busy. You can check out an in-depth discussion of the Oscars over at The League between Will, Freddie and I if you’d

White folks can never get it

In response to the Root’s list of 10 figures who they would erase from African-American history (one of the primary ways to make the list was “be a black conservative”),

A Nation of Cowards

Sorry for the light blogging today. Allow me to leave you on this provocative note: We are (still) a nation of cowards. Now how can this be? How can a

Smashing the Internet

It seems that in 1995, everyone wanted to bring down the Internet. Via the Dish I see this admission from Cliff Stoll: Of my many mistakes, flubs, and howlers, few

Hipsters are so GD ridiculous

I loved the lede of this story in the New Yorker about shopping in Brooklyn. It’s behind the pay wall, but here’s a taste: A few years ago, a hat