A little more on handgun bans

Another column today from a Reason writer on the silliness of handgun laws; I’ll just cut to the chase: Who places the highest value on owning a firearm? Criminals. Who

America the stupid

Matt Continetti made a very good point in last week’s Standard. On the one hand, the unpopularity of Obamacare has led quite a few liberal writers to argue that the

Scott Brown broke Washington

As recently as January 18, the day before Scott Brown’s election, there was no firm consensus that Washington was broken. Now it is a staple of high-minded conversation. Imagine for

Maybe Israel didn’t do it?

As I’ve said in the past, I’m entirely in favor of Israel traveling to Dubai to kill terrorists in a manner that harms no civilians. Again, I don’t really understand

Filibuster flip-flops

Democrats are indignant about the very idea of the filibuster. Republicans have turned the accusation around. Remember who filibustered ten of the judges President Bush wanted to appoint to the

Pelosi: Rangel not a terrorist!

It’s hard for a Republican not to enjoy this. Even back in 2006, it was humorous to watch Nancy Pelosi campaign as the woman who would clean up Congress. But

Let's all make fun of Tom Friedman!

But count me out. Hasn’t it become a little too easy? Is it really satisfying anymore? After several paragraphs of mocking “the Magic 8 Ball of cliche generation”, Jonah Goldberg