Human Rights Watch vs. Israel

Cliches are dangerous, especially when they are built around the truth. Are human rights watchdogs biased against Israel? Probably, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to dismiss everything they say.

NY Times vs. Politico

The current issue of the NY Times Magazine features a condescending cover story about Mike Allen and his colleagues from Politico. I’m guessing that Allen & Co. will like the

The Bushies Strike Back

By all accounts, the first meeting of the Bush-Cheney Alumni Association was a cheerful one. “There’s no VIP section, with Harriet Miers, Ken Mehlman, and Andy Card milling about like

What if Obama had an identical twin?

Yes, it sounds like the plot of second-rate comedy flick. Namely, this one. But Polish President Lech Kaczynski, tragically killed in plane crash, actually does have an identical twin brother

Amazon and the sin of profit

Although one would generally describe The New Yorker as a progressive publication, it seems to slip into a reactionary mindset when the interests of the literary establishment are on the

Two cheers for the NY Times

When I browse the Public Editor’s column in the Sunday Times, I’m generally impressed with his ability to direct substantive criticism at his own employers. On Sunday, Mr. Hoyt observed,

A magical peace in the Middle East

Bill Clinton on ABC: Half of the energy coming out of all this organization and money-raising for terror comes out of the allegations around the unresolved Palestinian issue. If there

FOX challenges McCain

Fox News Sunday: WALLACE: What a lot of people see in John McCain these days is a move to the right, a more aggressive posture towards President Obama, that they