America loves incumbents!

When I agree with Kathy on a matter of substance, that matter almost always deserves a post. Rightly, I think Kathy challenges the conventional wisdom that yesterday’s primaries demonstrated the

Those damned Tea Party patriots

My opinion of the Tea Partiers resembles my opinion of Sarah Palin. I’m not naturally attracted to either, but their critics seem so closed-minded that I’ve become deeply skeptical of

George W. Bush = James Madison

What? Who dares mention W. in the same breath as the author of the Federalist Papers and framer of the Constitution? Well, as I mentioned before, I’ve been listening to

Lesbians and softball

After Ellen brings some expertise to America’s strange debate about lesbians and softball. Bottom line: Judging by her proficiency at softball, Kagan is a complete failure as a lesbian.

Assassinating American citizens

When it comes to civil liberties,Kevin Drum writes that’s the one area where he feels “betrayed” by Obama. Case in point: the White House’s assertion that it has the right

Betsy Ross, military contractor

It may be a pure myth that Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag at the request of George Washington. But it turns out that Ross was an actual flagmaker

Fact-checking Twitter

Both parties know how to pack lots of spin into 140 characters. exposes some impressive distortions from recent tweets. Here’s one example: DNC Mis-tweet: ‘GOP’s Wall St. Fundraiser’ DNC,