December 28, 2012

Career Advice

2012 AFF Top Ten

By: AFF Editors

Here are the most popular articles from America’s Future Foundation in 2012:

1. Cover Letters and First Dates
by Claire Kittle

“Hey there, hot stuff. We should go out. I’m smart, witty, have great personal hygiene, and I can quote Dodgeball from start to finish.” Think of your cover letter as a similar pitch—only in your out-loud voice and not related to Dodgeball. Read More

2. Ayn Rand Defended Individual Freedom
by Amanda Carey and Justin Lesniewski

The days following the addition of Paul Ryan to the Republican presidential ticket have been difficult for anyone who admires, appreciates, or respects the ideas of philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand…Read More

3. Should I Go to Law School?

by Roger Pilon

It’s never easy to answer, but it’s especially difficult in this very uncertain legal market. So let’s start with some practical considerations…Read More

4. Big Government Should Not Redefine Marriage

by Ryan T. Anderson

Is there really “something highly contradictory,” as Kathryn Shelton argued here on Doublethink, about a position that “advocates the regulation of marriage, but rallies behind a platform for smaller government”? Read More

5. Judicial Engagement is Not Judicial Activism
by Clark Neily

The case for tarring as “activists” justices who question the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act is even less persuasive than the administration’s floundering attempts to square the law with notions of federalism and limited government…Read More

6. Don’t Sabotage Your Resume: 3 Mistakes to Avoid
by Andrea McCarthy

As a recruiter, I see hundreds of resumes a week, and several stand out to me for good reasons…Read More

7. In Orlando, You Can’t Grow Your Own Garden
by Ari Bargil

You know government has grown too big when it bans growing a garden in your own yard…Read More

8. Ayn Rand’s Paradox
by James Joseph

With Paul Ryan’s ascent to the Republican ticket, Ayn Rand returned to contemporary political conversation…Read More

9. In Praise of the Bow Tie
by Tate Watkins

I wear bow ties because it’s a hell of a lot harder to spill food on them than it is neckties. That’s not exactly why I wear them, but it’s a convenient excuse to give at cocktail parties and wedding receptions…Read More

10. The Failure of Conan O’Brien
by Patrick Howley

His current irrelevance confirms one of the great truths of the American capitalist system…Read More