Obamacare goes back to court

During the government shutdown, Obamacare advocates repeatedly emphasized that health reform is the “law of the land,” and the Supreme Court upheld its constitutionality in 2010. It’s true, but the

Profiles in Liberty: Nena Bartlett

Nena Bartlett, Executive Director for the Ladies of Liberty Alliance, has been on the frontlines of liberty for much of her professional career. Prior to becoming Executive Director, Nena worked for former

A Look At The Plan To Save Big Labor

The AFL-CIO, by its own admission, entered its annual convention recently in a state of crisis. Union membership has been declining for decades, and not even the pro-labor policies of

Cultivation Crew Recap: Lesley Albanese

Cultivation Crew Recap: Lesley Albanese On October 2nd, AFF was pleased to host the latest installment of its Cultivation Crew professional development series. Each Cultivation Crew event features a special

Happy Hour Recap: Free the Future!

Were you able to join us at the recent Free the Future Happy Hour in downtown Washington, D.C.? Held in late September, the happy hour was a special event to promote this