November 26, 2012

$50,000 Novak Journalism Fellowship Available

By: Roger Custer

Robert Novak, a lion of American journalism, proposed the Journalism Fellowship Program in 1994 to restore balance to the media. In recent decades there has been a shift away from objective journalism towards advocacy of government intrusion and opposition to free market solutions to the nation’s problems. Since inception, the Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program has nurtured 110 Fellows, who are climbing the ranks of American journalism as award-winning reporters, editors, columnists, and authors.

The Phillips Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2013 Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program. The Foundation created this program to provide fellowships for writing projects which promote its mission to advance constitutional principles, a democratic society and a vibrant free enterprise system.

The Phillips Foundation awards $50,000 full-time and $25,000 part-time fellowships to undertake and complete a one-year project of the applicant’s choosing focusing on journalism supportive of American culture and a free society. In addition, the Foundation offers separate yearlong fellowships on the environment, on the benefits of free-market competition, and law enforcement.

The Novak Journalism Fellowship Program serves as a catalyst to launch freedom-loving journalists on careers as stewards of economic freedom and personal liberty. Print and online journalists with less than 10 years of experience are encouraged to apply. The application deadline is February 12, 2013. For more information, visit