November 1, 2016

A New Way to Advance Liberty

By: Roger Custer

Years ago, there was a popular jazz musician who was a brilliant pianist.  He swung with the best of them, and people loved his playing.  Performing in a bar one night, the patrons began to ask him, “Why don’t you sing?”  The pianist demurred.  He loved playing piano but wasn’t really interested in singing.  It was only when the bartender put an ultimatum to him — he wouldn’t be paid if he didn’t sing — did he finally start to sing during his performances.  People were floored.  He had a beautiful voice!

That reluctant singing pianist was Nat King Cole.  And went on to a famous career, one of the most well-known and celebrated singers of the 20th century.

But to become that man, it required someone to call out his talents and push him to explore them.  That is exactly what we need for the liberty movement: people to call out talent and encourage it on a broader scale.

America’s Future Foundation can play a leading role in empowering passionate young people to use their talents in writing, speaking, social media, inviting people, and other areas.  You should consider AFF as a platform to empower you to advance liberty in the way you do it best.  You can visit the AFF Job Board to read about full-time opportunities, apply for a fellowship program or mentorship, become more involved in your chapter, and take advantage of something on this menu of engagement opportunitiesContact AFF staff to learn more.