April 4, 2014

AFF Columbus Discusses the NSA

By: Kathryn Shelton

20 young professionals helped AFF Columbus welcome Ohio State University Professor John Mueller to discuss the NSA’s meta-data program. Professor Mueller is the author of multiple award winning books and has been featured on shows such as the Daily Show with John Stewart, O’Reily Factor, and Hannity & Colmes.

Professor Mueller discussed the ways in which the NSA is abusing its power. He used Pizza Hut as an example to describe how the NSA targets normal US citizens. He claimed that if one person suspected of terrorist activity called a Pizza Hut, then the NSA would monitor everyone that called into that Pizza Hut location. This excessive monitoring is extremely costly to taxpayers and does not increase our safety.

Mueller also claimed that most of the NSA’s intelligence programs are top secret and unknown to the majority of American Citizens. It is not until individuals like Edward Snowden expose these programs that Americans understand that their privacy is at stake.

A special thanks to Alex Goodman, Chair of AFF-Columbus for this Chapter Highlight.


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