AFF’s Pittsburgh chapter organizes roundtables, happy hours, and more. Take a look at the members of our planning committee. Planning Committee Elizabeth Stelle, Chairman– Elizabeth Stelle is a full time Policy Analyst with the Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives, where she researches and writes on the topics of energy, health care, and government reform. She is a graduate of Grove City College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in history. Elizabeth enjoys dancing, traveling to historic landmarks and rereading Hayek’s Fatal Conceit. Laird Cole– Laird Cole is a retired police officer and recently graduated from Slippery Rock University. Upon an early retirement he found his way into the conservative/libertarian movement after realizing that government is not the solution, but the problem as the first president he voted for said. He has attended three week long Foundation for Economic Education seminars, and a weekend with the Institute for Humane Studies. He has been everything every young boy wants to be when he grows up: fireman, marine, E.M.T., policeman, army officer, and now is working on the most important task of being a freedom fighter and educator. Sara Snatchko- Sara Snatchko lives in the south hills of Pittsburgh, Pa. Her earliest work experience took place at her grandfather’s greenhouse, where she was taught a whole lot about customer service and hard work, and not so much about environmental and safety regulations or child labor laws. Despite this, she still drank the well water and made it out relatively unscathed. She went on to study at Ohio University before working as a journalist, marketing director and concert booking agent. Currently employed at a title insurance agency in the greater Pittsburgh area, Sara enjoys photography, reading about liberty and free markets, and gardening. You can contact the entire AFF Pittsburgh Leadership Team at