May 11, 2012

Are Young Professionals the “Debt-Paying Generation?”

By: Richard Lorenc

AFF-Denver chairwoman Jennifer Shirley recently led the chapter’s relaunch with an event cosponsored with the Heritage Foundation. Jennifer writes this recap:

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank the Heritage Foundation for allowing us to co-host an event focusing on the federal government’s fiscal crisis. As the re-launch platform for Denver’s AFF chapter, it was really great to meet the genuinely interested people who attended. As for our speaker, Bill Beach–Heritage’s Director of Data Analysis–presented in-depth knowledge about the fiscal crisis our country is facing. Coining the phrase “The Debt-Paying Generation,” Beach outlined the seriousness that the upcoming generation of 20- and 30-somethings face. He details this in his upcoming new book, in his soon to be released book Slay the Beast – How You Can Save US From Our Massive Debt.

Beach says, “Indeed, those of you in the Debt-Paying Generation could end up your working lives as the least-improved generation.” He goes on to say, “You will marry later, have fewer children, poorer health and lower incomes.” Beach helped to bring home the point that if the federal government continues down this path, it will have dire consequences for generations to come. The time to act is upon us and I believe that’s the message those who attended took home with them. Much thanks to Angelise Schrader and Bill Beach from Heritage for helping us to put on a successful and meaningful re-launch event. I hope members of Denver’s pro-liberty will attend our next event this summer.

To learn more about AFF-Denver and what it has planned, please contact Jennifer Shirley or join AFF-Denver’s Facebook page.